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Unisol is a collection of 4999 NFTs on the Solana blockchain with proof of ownership. All 4999 will be minted on Middle November, 2022.

Unisol combines the beauty of NFTs with a gamified staking platform focused on sporting competitions.

Sounds complicated? It’s actually very simple. To start, you can acquire a collectible NFT with its own historic and sport-related value. At the same time, during the course of a competition, you’ll be able to stake your NFT in different pools according to your predicted outcome. In the case of the Unisol Cup 22, there will be a total of 32 pools (one for each participating nation). NFTs staked in the pools that match the top four winning teams of the competition will win a prize paid in SOL at the end of the competition.

Yeah! You’ve landed at the heart of our game!

Take a look at the rules, Unicorns. And get ready to score a gooaaallll!!!

  1. 32 staking pools will be created, one for each participating team of the Unisol Cup 22
  2. The prize pool will be in SOL and composed of the following:
    1. 50% of the mint proceeds
    2. 50% of the secondary market royalties, from the day of the mint all the way to the final whistle of the final match of the Unisol Cup 22
  3. The final prize pool will be split among the winners according to the following:
    1. 50% will be split among all the NFTs staked on the winning team
    2. 25% will be split among all the NFTs staked on the runner-up team (2nd place)
    3. 15% will be split among all the NFTs staked on the 3rd place team
    4. 10% will be split among all the NFTs staked on the 4th place team
  4. In order to participate, anyone who has purchased a UNISOL NFT will be obliged to stake it at least one of the team staking pools. You'll be able to stake in any pool you like and in as many pools you'd like to, but there is a one-NFT minimum per pool. (Please note that NFTs cannot be divided among pools.) As detailed in point three, if the team corresponding to the chosen staking pool gets to any of the top four places of the Unisol Cup 22, those holding the corresponding NFTs will be rewarded.
  5. Prizes will be paid in SOL after the Unisol Cup 22 has ended.
  6. Staking pools will not be locked. NFTs can be deposited or withdrawn at any time. BUT, in order to get a reward, there are certain rules (detailed next).
  7. The deadline to stake your NFTs in a pool is one day before the start of the Round of 16 phase. More specifically, you’ll have until midnight (UTC) on December 2, 2022. If at any point between this deadline and the end of competition you unstake your NFT, you forfeit any rewards you might get. To be crystal clear: if you unstake any NFT after midnight (UTC) on December 2, 2022, you will NOT GET ANY REWARDS, even if you restake them on a winning pool. We will take a snapshot of all the pools at that time and only those staked on the winning pools from that time until the end of the competition will be eligible for a reward.

In order to let stakers know the accumulated prize pool in real time, a counter will be available on the page.

Have you ever seen a flying unicorn? Or a professional football - soccer playing one?

They are more than rare, and only 4,999 are available, all of them kept very safely in our UNI- SLOT MACHINE!

However, in this inaugural collection you will find: Unisol Players, Unisol Fans, Unisol Legends, and more!

Many factors make UNISOL NFTs a unique choice.

Not only do you get a collectible piece of historical sporting value, but you can also win a reward in SOL at the end of each sporting event (for our initial launch, the upcoming Unisol Cup 22).

And the most important thing: our Unicorns will keep on playing in upcoming metaverse sporting competitions. Let’s play and win!

In order to purchase your Unisol, you’ll need to use Solana, which you can get at most of the exchanges (Coinbase, Binance, FTX, and Voyager). You’ll want to have some extra Solana on hand to cover the network transaction fee, which will be a nice departure from the gas fees you may have experienced on other blockchains.

Once you get some SOL, you’ll need a wallet to store them in. If you’re familiar with ether and their wallets (such as Metamask), let us introduce you to Phantom Wallet.

Then, just click on our UNI-SLOT, connect your wallet, and follow the buy prompts!

You can either click the “stake button” on the main page or find the stake button in the menu.

There you will find a total of 32 pools (one for each participating nation).

Choose the nation you want to stake your NFT on.

There you will see several options:

  • “Add Unisol” (click here to stake your NFT)
  • ” - “ (click here to unstake your NFT)
  • “ Claim “ (If you are a winner, click this button to claim your prize)

If you own more than one NFT, you can stake them in different pools or all in the same pool, it’s all up to you!

Please be sure to read the game rules in How does it work? before you stake your NFTs.